About Body Wraps

Everyone is talking about them, this crazy body wrap product, so what is the fuss all about?

shs_90413326Body Wraps have grown in popularity over the past decade. The reason? They really do work! The idea behind a “Body Wrap” is to wrap your body with a product that pulls out toxins and reduces inches. And if used properly, most products on the market today really will work!

There are some products that include a simple applicator that has the product infused in it, then it is stuck on the skin in specified places. These applicators are an interesting idea, but they do not cover some areas and may not be large enough for some people to completely cover the area they want to treat, such as the belly or thighs.

Our Inch Loss Clay and Gel allows you to treat ANY area of the body with complete coverage of all areas. You decide where you want to lose, tone and tighten and you cover the ENTIRE area of the skin for a complete treatment. Apply the clay to any area of your skin, wrap over with plastic or bandage wraps. It’s that easy.



SAVE $$$

Watch out for stories of MLM’ers who want you to spend much more on the products in the hopes that you can turn around and sell it to your friends to make your money back. Instead, buy a refill size of our clay for half the price of their 4 treatments, and wrap yourself and your friends many more times! Our Clay is the most affordable, it works better, and is easier to use on the areas you really want to treat.  We want to help bring affordability to Body Wrapping. Try our products and see the results!