Performing At Home Body Wraps

Preparing for the Body Wrap

It is best to gather everything you need and have it ready for each step of the body wrap treatment. Plan about an hour and a half for a full body wrap from start to finish. The first wrap may take longer as you learn the procedure.  Spot treatments may take only a few minutes, depending on the areas you are treating.

Prepare Formula and Heat the Wraps

If you are using cotton/elastic wraps (not plastic wrap), then start by soaking the wraps in water in your heating unit. This can be a roaster oven, a slow cooker, crock pot or even in a pot on the stovetop. Be sure the wraps are completely covered by the water. Heat to 120 degrees.

Prepare the area and dress accordingly

Chose a location to perform the wraps where you can stay warm while wrapping. Adjust the air accordingly so that you do not feel a chill while wrapping.

Dress appropriately wearing a bikini bathing suit or similar undergarments.

Apply Clay to the skin

Apply a thin layer of the Inch Loss Clay directly to the skin area where you wish to reduce inches, tone and tighten. Apply on one section of the body at a time, then wrap that section before applying clay to another section. For example, apply clay to 1 leg, then wrap the leg, then apply clay to the other leg, then wrap.

Wrap the area

For using cotton/elastic wraps:

Use kitchen or cleaning type gloves to remove the wraps from the heated solution a few at a time and wring out the excess water. It is a good idea to have a container to hold the wraps once removed from the liquid and before wrapping the body so that you can remove several at a time.

Always begin wrapping at the ankles or furthest from the heart wrapping upward or toward the heart. Wrap firmly but not too tight to cut off circulation. Each wrap should be tucked in at the end and overlapped with the next wrap covering all areas completely.

Plastic wrap option:

Plastic wrap can also be used to wrap areas where sea clay or sea mud are applied to the skin. The benefits of using plastic wrap is that it is easier to use if you are wrapping yourself and you can still get terrific results! It is also much easier to clean up because you can simply throw it away when it is removed. Plastic wrap should only be used for partial wraps or spot treatments.

Put on Sauna Suit or Sweat Suit or cover up with a warm blanket

Stay in the wraps for 45 – 60 minutes. To enhance results you can also perform light exercises (a balance ball works great or any type of slow controlled movements such as yoga or walking on a treadmill or stair climber). IMPORTANT: Never wear the sauna suit in a sauna, steam room or hot tub as this could cause heat stroke or other dangerous health conditions. If you start to feel overly hot, nauseous or any other discomfort, STOP and REMOVE the Suit immediately.

Remove Wraps

Slowly remove the wraps and wipe off any excess residue with a moist cloth. It is best not to shower for a few hours after the wrap to allow the formula to continue to work. Applying the anti-cellulite lotion after the wrap will enhance the effects and also help reduce excess residue from the surface of the skin. Note: the wraps are reusable and can be washed in hot water and hung to dry.